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VESA mounts

On this page you will find an overview of our VESA mounts. You can use them in combination with our display stands as well as for direct wall mounting.


VESA 100x100 – 800x400

 H 52 x W 88 x D 4,5 cm

 Load capacity up to approx. 120 kg and max. 86“

 VESA mount is fixed to the wall with screws

 Incl. inclination wedges, which allow a correction of the inclination of heavy displays from 2°


VESA 100x100 – 1.250x600

 H 64 x W 133 x D 4,5 cm

 Load capacity up to approx. 130 kg and max. 86″

 VESA mount is fixed to the wall with screws

 Incl. inclination wedges, which allow a correction of the inclination of heavy displays from 2°


Tiltable VESA 200x200 – 600x400

 H 50 x W 73 x D 7,3 cm

 Load capacity up to approx. 60 kg

 Installation depth of 7,3 cm

 The inclination adjustment of 10° enables the user to achieve an optimal viewing angle on the display

VESA-Halterung zur 90°-Drehung

90° "Turn it"-module 100x100 – 400x400

 H 51,9 x W 46,2 x D 7,7 cm

 Load capacity up to approx. 60 kg and up to max. 65“

 For 90° rotation of the display

 Can be mounted on the HKS display stands or directly on the wall

VESA-Halter für 2 Bildschirme

Double mount

 H 52 x W 252 x D 5,7 cm

 Load capacity up to approx. 120 kg per display

 For optimal mounting of two displays

 VESA mount is fixed to the wall with screws

VESA-FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is a VESA mount?

The term VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and is a standard for mounting displays and flat panel displays on a mounting bracket. The VESA standard of the display is therefore decisive for the desired VESA mount. The VESA mount can be used to mount the monitor/display on a wall or display stand.

2.) Which VESA does my display have?

When selecting a display stand / display holder, you should (absolutely) consider the VESA and the weight of the display. Usually this information can be found on a data sheet from the display manufacturer. Otherwise, you can easily determine the VESA standard:
Displays as well as monitors are provided by the manufacturer with corresponding threaded holes on the back, which are intended for the attachment to monitor holders. Make sure that there are (at least) four threaded holes on the back of your display. Measure the horizontal and vertical distances between the mounting holes from the center of each hole. If the distance between the screw holes corresponds to a width of 600 millimeters and a height of 400 millimeters, for example, your VESA standard will be 600×400.

3.) Which VESA mount is suitable for my display?

The weight of the display is crucial when choosing the right VESA mount.
This information is usually found in the data sheet and on the display manufacturer’s website. You can use this information to select your VESA mount. Our VESA mounts can carry loads from 60 kg to 130 kg – depending on the model.
Note: Please also note the size of the display. If you want to use a motorized display stand with height adjustment, e.g. with a stem housing, make sure that the display does not drive onto the device.

4.) What distinguishes a VESA mount from HKS Systemtechnik?

The HKS VESA mounts are characterised by an extremely high and stable quality compared to competitors. The basic construction consists of robust powder-coated sheet steel. In addition, our VESA mounts are suitable for mounting on display stands and walls. Depending on the product, you can choose from functions such as a rotation function for rotating the display by up to 90° or included tilt wedges, which guarantee a tilt correction of 2° for fine adjustment of larger displays.

5.) Can the HKS VESA mount be mounted and adjusted individually?

yes, several keyholes allow the wall bracket to be mounted at different points on the wall. Due to the slots on the LCD carrier, displays can be adjusted in height under a VESA standard of 800×400.


6.) What to do if the VESA of my display does not fit or if there are no mounting holes?

It may happen that displays do not have threaded holes or that these are not matched to the VESA devices. Contact us and we will find an alternative adapter solution for you.

7.) Can I use a camera- or laptop shelf with every VESA?

Please note that you can only use a camera and laptop shelf from a VESA of 300 upwards, otherwise the shelf will not fit between the LCD carriers.
The shelves, as well as the on/off switch, can be attached horizontally to various holes in the holding plate.


8.) What do I have to consider during installation?

Please note the load capacity of the wall when mounting on a wall. HKS also offers solutions for wall-to-floor mounting in which a large part of the load is carried by the floor. Talk to us.